What a great weekend on “our“ Dutch mountain. Approximately one and a half year ago, we started thinking about the ideal name for an Aero-Allround road bike wheel. After a ride on the Amstel Gold Race course and some brainstorming, we finally had the idea that the heroes of this race represent the typical all-rounder, the “Puncheurs” And on the route, the Camerig is one of these characteristic climbs for all-rounders. So, we named our Aero-Allround wheelset with 44 mm rims CAMERIG44.

On Saturday, when we set up our tent at the Camerig to celebrate the Amstel Gold Race Tour version with thousands of participants, we could experience much more than passionate hobby cyclists, which were dealing with the typical all-rounder challenges of the race. Most adverse circumstances, such as cold temperatures, rain, slippery roads and wind stretched riders and material to the limit and by accident our tent transformed into a support booth for flat tires, worn out brake pads, striking shifting systems, freezing and hungry people which were not even able to open the valve with their frozen-stiff fingers.

We have met many “zealous cyclists” on this day and it was a matter of course to support these heroes as well as in any way possible.

You are the real Champions of the Amstel Gold Race 2017!


For the pro race on Sunday the conditions were a lot better and for us it was more a party at the Camerig. Still windy and cold but dry and even partly sunny, so that we could enjoy the race with many fans, cake, coffee and Easter eggs.

We are looking back to a great weekend and we hope to see you at the Camerig in 2018.

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