This magic moment, when sunlight filters through leaves of the trees. The resemblance of many fortunate moments during our bike rides. Being able to stay away from the group that’s chasing you, setting a new personal best on your training lap or discovering that new great road or trail for the first time. These fortunate moments may be different for all of us, but they are the biggest award for waking up early and for the effort you invest in your training. Only in Japanese you can name this great ambience with a single word: KOMOREBI

We haven’t found a way yet to influence this spectacle of nature, but there are several opportunities to enhance your individual riding experience and we are always striving to get the most out of our bikes. The rarity of Komorebis in our regions could be responsible for the fact that we founded ZEAL and decided to develop high-end bike components. But more likely it is only our individual zeal to strive for the best performance of our bikes.

When we asked ourselves which product has the biggest influence on our riding experience, the answer was blatantly obvious. The wheel, the most archaic part of bicycle. No other component will influence the characteristics, but also the appearance of the bike in the same way. We are excited to unveil the first result of our development real soon now and we’re certain that this will be a true Komorebi for you.  Stay tuned!