Maybe you have read our post about the unique atmosphere of the former Cross Country World Cup races in Houffalize, Belgium. We are pretty sure, that the location and the surrounding bike trails are the most important reason for our memories, but maybe there is another “factor”, which has made a certain contribution to this evaluation.

Whenever you plan a Mountainbike ride around Houffalize or if your road bike ride is following the roads of La Doyenne (“The Old Lady”) Liège –Bastogne-Liège, the oldest of the five Monuments of the professional road cycling calendar, you should not miss to visit Achouffe with its famous La Chouffe brewery.

Although the village is very small two dwarfs will show you the right way to the “Valley of the Fairies”

The brewery is sourrounded by a small world of experience, that does not only focus on the beer. In the summer time, you can sit outside and enjoy a rest close to a little lake and in the winter the “Tavern de de la Chouffe” offers some cosy seats around the fire place to warm up during a stormy “classic” ride. Both the tavern and the nearby restaurant offer tasty food including some specialties cooked with La Couffe beer.

Of course, you can also extend your break to a complete beer tasting event. But for the real sportsmen the tavern is also prepared with tiny 17cl glasses. And if you start to like one of the beer specialties you can visit the Chouffe-Shop and buy your ration for consumption at home. Still wondering how to transport the bottles? The merchandise collection, which even contains cycling gear, will offer a solution.

Finally, you can combine your visit with a guided tour in the brewery.

If you still have doubts about the connection between beer and cycling, you should check the advices for equipment in the German ROADBIKE magazine (April 2016). Fortunately, we have covered the brand, that they have oviously missed.