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YOU AND ZEAL – The Direct sales model

ZEAL products are made by cyclists for cyclists. Therefore, it is natural for us to want to build the closest relationship possible to you, the one using the product. A customer direct sales approach offers so many advantages that it was a no-brainer for us.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Every sprinter will confirm this statement without any doubt. Nevertheless, with new communication tools and enhanced logistic technologies, distances have attained another dimension in the last few years. We are happy about both these facts and with a direct to consumer sales model we can make the best of it. With several (digital) communication tools we can stay in touch with you all the time, and thanks to a logistically interconnected world you will receive your product fast and in a convenient way. And since we are bike enthusiasts, we will finally strive to meet you in person to chat about our joint passion or simply to go on a bike ride together.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Our customers in Australia and Singapore can directly buy ZEAL products from our ZEALOCAL partners BikeBug and Radstation. Learn more about our ZEALOCAL partnership program here.


We push hard to exceed your expectations.

You and ZEAL – directly connected:

  • You like to save money? We can offer better prices since we save on wholesale and retail margins and pass the savings directly on to you.
    • You have a question and want to get in touch with the ZEAL experts directly? Just call or send a mail to the people who are responsible for your product and not to an independent service provider.
    • You would like to give us feedback? Tell us what you think of our products instead of telling a dealer who might never forward your message? By the way, we are happy to receive positive feedback, too.
    • You have an idea how we could enhance our product? We are eager to listen to your thoughts. Just let us know – directly and unfiltered!
    • You need a spare part but you are not keen to start searching for the right specifications? Let us do this job, since we know what we have sold to you.
    • You want to show us your bike or test a ZEAL product? Don’t hesitate and visit us at events!