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The definition of quality has many facets, especially when you think about a top-class product for a high-end bike, such as a carbon wheel. Quality means finest materials, perfect workmanship, an excellent finish, but also durability. The latter is once again a multilayered term. The perfect spoke tension guarantees durable and true running, superb seals guarantee durable bearings for smooth running and the correct carbon/resin configuration ensures durable brake and impact performance for the rider’s safety. To make sure that you can enjoy using your new ZEAL high-quality product for many years it is not sufficient to just conduct a quality check at a certain point of the production process.

Quality assurance begins with the product idea, accompanies the development phase and is a significant part of the production and assembly process.


Quality means confidence. We only work with partners who we have personally known for a long time and who were able to demonstrate the quality and reliability their products during former collaborations or with excellent references.



Before the first test on the road or on the trail, every rim needs to pass a laboratory test. This procedure includes:

  • tolerance checks to analyze rotational accuracy and concentricity/lateral tolerances,
  • brake endurance tests and durability analysis on a drum test rig,
  • static stiffness checks,
  • pull-out tests to analyze the maximum force needed to pull a nipple through a spoke hole
  • Visual appearance tests
  • 100% inflation test for clincher wheels
  • impact test
  • brake heat tests to determine the delamination temperature of the brake surface.

Durability analysis on a drum test rig Static stiffness checks 



Our wheels are manufactured for both road use and mountain bike trails. As a consequence, laboratory tests will never give a final indication of the product’s performance under realistic conditions. We are happy to do this part of quality management ourselves, but in order to get a wide range of independent and valuable results, we are even more happy to request test feedback from professional and experienced riders. Even though riding is the most important part of “real-life product testing”, it is also important to collect impressions about ease of tire fitting, the usability of small parts (valve extensions, rim tape, quick releases…), and finally the look and feel of the product.

 Laboratory and riding tests are essential during the development phase, but also when the product has already reached its final status to detect possible shortcomings in the serial production process.




Although computerized production stages, such as the drilling of the spoke holes in our rims provide very exact and reproducible results, the lacing and truing of a wheel still needs very experienced hands and a specific feel for the optimal interaction of all components. In the end, our wheel builders deliver high quality and check the quality of the parts in one fell swoop. 



We do a 100% validation process before shipping per a defined check list, so that you can enjoy your ZEAL wheels from the first moment and for a long time.



We are sure, that you will directly see our quality standards when you unpack your new wheels and with a 6-year warranty promise, we underline our confidence in our quality management process.