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Ready to Ride - R2R

Let’s be honest, many of us love to read product reviews, compare features and prices before we buy a new television, a mobile phone and of course a new part for our bike. Especially the latter is always a good topic for epic discussions between bike mates. But there is another very important factor influencing purchase decisions and the level of satisfaction after buying. The “ease of use” has become of huge importance these days especially where time is short and products are more complex.

The “ease of use” has become of huge importance these days

  • In the past, there was no doubt that 23mm was THE width of a road racing tire and every road rim was made for these tires (more about our R2R road packages).
  • In the past, it was normal to fasten your wheels with a quick release.
  • In the past, you could simply use the brake pads that belonged to your component group set.
  • In the past, you had a one size-fits-all rim tape in your garage which just needed to protect your inner tube against the spoke holes.
  • In the past, there was just the choice between clincher and tubular for a road bike wheel.
  • And finally, the diameter of a mountain bike wheel was 26” in the past and fitted in a conventional mountain bike wheel bag.

It is not our goal to take every decision off your shoulders because you should fulfill your individual expectations when you buy a new wheel set. But during your decision-making process we will always be eager to support you directly and as soon as you have made your decision, we will offer you the “all-around carefree package”. That’s what we call “READY TO RIDE” or “R2R”

A ZEAL product is not a single bike part but a system containing components which are perfectly geared to each other and perfectly adapted for your bike. If you buy a R2R wheel set, you will receive not only a front or a rear wheel, but also:

  • market leading brake pads which have been proven to offer the best brake performance on our rims,
  • mounted tubular or clincher tires with the optimal width for the rim (more about our R2R road packages),
  • a mounted inner tube or tubeless sealant
  • the correct valve extender or a tubeless valve
  • quick releases (if needed)

and some nice surprises, which just make unpacking your new wheels even more exciting…



For all of you, who love to ride tubeless, our road and MTB wheels are also available in a READY TO RIDE TUBELESS variant. If you select this package, you will receive the wheels with mounted tires (see specs on the product page) and filled with sealant, which is not older than 48 hours when you receive the wheel set.

The full carbon clincher wheels with inner tubes are not only “tubeless ready” but “tubeless prepared”. The tubeless rim tape is already mounted. 

All our wheels are hand laced and trued by very experienced wheel builders in the Netherlands using special techniques which make sure that the wheels do not need further truing and/or tensioning after your first rides on your new ZEAL wheels. That means READY TO RIDE from the first moment but also READY TO RIDE after a long and close relationship with your ZEAL Wheels.

 Of course, it is also possible to buy a wheel set or only a single front or rear wheel without the R2R additions. If you are interested in a customized package, please contact us and we will prepare an offer for you.