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Rim Brake Technology

Thinking about a new wheelset usually means thinking about a way to make your bike go faster. But the faster you are the more important is the brake performance of your bike. Let’s face it, using a lightweight and load-beaing part as a brake surface is not the smartest idea and a very rare exception in the context of other vehicles. To cap it all the brake surface of a bike rim is even placed in closest proximity to an air-filled tire made of rubber. Indeed, this is not the most harmonic vicinity if you think about the heat that is generated while braking. But it is not only a historical achievement that most road bikes still use this principle. The rim brake is still the lightest brake on the market and ultimately even this brake will make you faster. We appreciate the current development of disc brakes, but we absolutely agree that rim brakes have a right to exist. Therefore, it was our objective to achieve the best brake performance during the development process of the CAMERIG44  and RANDA35 wheels and not to focus on general weak spots of the rim brake approach.

Ultimately even this brake will make you faster

The friction surface of a road bike tire on the street is very small. Therefore, the maximum braking power is not the only figure which you take into consideration to evaluate the overall brake performance. The brake modulation, the brake characteristics under wet conditions and the heat generation are fundamental aspects which must be optimized.



For the brake surface of the CAMERIG44 and RANDA35 we use a special carbon weave pattern in combination with a newly developed and very heat resistant resin. To make sure that this material configuration can achieve its optimum performance, it is very important to use the correct matching brake pad. In several laboratory but also field tests with different brake pads we selected the Swissstop Black Prince as the best “partner” for our brake surface, since the brake temperature is significantly lower and brake power and modulation is of the highest level. Swissstop Black Prince brake pads are included in every Ready to Ride package of rim brake wheels and ZEAL wheels may only be used with these pads to maintain the validity of the product warranty.


Even though we were able to develop a market-leading set-up for rim brakes, we kindly ask you to read our information about the maximum system weight for our wheels.