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A perfect balance of stiffness, weight and comfort are the most important parameters for a bicycle wheel and at the same time the biggest challenge during its development because these attributes impede each other. For specific types of bikes further requirements, such as aerodynamics for road bikes, make it even more complex. And finally, the wheel should be durable and require little maintenance.

BUT, there is no sure formula for success

The development of our unique shape design is already a major step forward in meeting the challenge. Furthermore, carbon as rim material and the specific combination of fibers, lay-up and resin promote the achievement of an optimal result.

But the construction of an outstanding wheel requires more than just putting together some high-end components. To reach a stiff, lightweight and comfortable wheel, every little detail needs to be well considered, starting with the selection of spokes, an ideal spoke count, specific spoke configurations, the correct spoke tension, right through to the exact definition of the drilling angle for the spoke holes. The latter is extremely important for a perfect functional interaction of rim and hub with its specific flange design. BUT, there is no sure formula for success. To define the parameters and even more importantly to bring the parts together, you need a huge amount of experience and a highly developed instinctive feeling of how to design, construct, lace and true the wheel.


With your decision to purchase a ZEAL wheel set you can bank on the experience of

  • our development partner Dave Luycx (MSc. Aerospace Engineering / Design and Optimization of composite structures), who has two years of experience in aerospace engineering, two years in automotive engineering and more than eight years in bike engineering, especially carbon frame design for leading brands,
  • very experienced European wheel builders who lace and true every ZEAL wheel by hand,
  • professional road and mountain bike riders who test the wheels mercilessly and
  • two founders of ZEAL with more than 25 years of experience in the bike and wheel industry.


These zealously working people do their utmost to meet the challenge of squaring the circle to offer you a durable, stiff, lightweight and comfortable wheel set which also meets application-specific goals (aerodynamics etc.). All these things combine to deliver you a superb riding experience.

These zealously working people do their utmost to meet the challenge of squaring the circle