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44mm carbon rim provides Aero-Allround performance at low weight


Delivery including tires (even tubeless), bags, brake pads and a further small parts


Laser engraved hubs with non-contact sealing and star ratchet freewheel




Todays aero road bike frames don'™t have a typical teardrop shape. Many manufacturers bank on Kamm Tail inspired designs with smooth contours that continue to a tail that is abruptly cut off. This edgy shape offers several advantages such as greater lateral stiffness, lower weight, greater riding stability in crosswind conditions and better vertical compliance (comfort). But have you ever thought about why aero wheels do not follow this approach? We have and there was no plausible answer.

This is the reason for a unique and pioneering product, such as the ZEAL CAMERIG44 wheel set. The 44mm rim with its characteristic Kamm Tail shape combines excellent aerodynamic performance with the above-mentioned advantages. Consequently, the set can be described as a real "Aero-All-rounder". A combination of high-end UD carbon and a special treated 1.5k carbon brake surface results in a very light rim of only 370g. The optional tubular or tubeless prepared clincher rim base is adapted to a 25mm road tire; hence the aerodynamic shape of the rim ensures that turbulences between rim and tire are prevented effectively.

But an outstanding wheel is more than just a rim it is a complete and well attuned system. A lightweight and durable Swiss Made hub set with a star ratchet freewheel at the rear guarantees long term trouble-free use. The simple but very precise press-fit assembly allows quick and easy integration into almost any axle configuration without special tools. Straight pull bladed aero spokes, fixed in nipples with a special locking mechanism further improve the stiffness and aerodynamics of the entire wheel.

Like a well attuned symphony, which will not create an exceptional sound experience without a conductor and great acoustics, a wheel set will not provide excellent product performance without the skills of an experienced wheel builder and an outstanding product design. The CAMERIG44 is hand assembled in Europe and the laser engraved hubs in combination with a very plain branding will adorn every road bike.

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The READY TO RIDE idea is taking the product system approach to a new level.

Based on the ZEAL philosophy the CAMERIG44 R2R package includes:

  • 1 CAMERIG44 front wheel
  • 1 CAMERIG44 rear wheel
  • 2 Sets of Swissstop Black Prince brake pads
  • 1 Set of quick releases
  • 1 Pair of mounted Schwalbe Pro One 25mm tires (R2R TUBELESS version)
  • 1 Pair of mounted Continental Grand Prix 4000s II 25mm tires (clincher version)
  • 1 Pair of mounted Continental inner tubes (clincher version)
  • 1 Pair of mounted Tubeless rim tape (clincher & tubeless version)
  • 1 Pair of mounted Tubeless valves (R2R TUBELESS version)
  • 1 Pair of mounted Continental Competition 25mm tires (tubular version)
  • 1 Pair of valve extenders (tubular version)
  • 1 ZEAL wheel bag system with connectable bags



  • Kam Tail inspired Aero-All-round rim shape
  • Lightweight and stiff full carbon rim (only 370g (tubular), 450g (clincher))
  • Tubeless prepared
  • Rim bed optimized for 25mm tires
  • Laser engraved Swiss Made hubs in cooperation with DT Swiss
  • Non-contact sealing and high end bearing for perfect rolling performance
  • Durable and precise star ratchet freewheel system
  • Compatible with almost any axle configuration
  • Straight pull bladed aero spokes (Made by Sapim)
  • Nipples with a special locking mechanism (Made by Sapim)
  • Hand laced and trued by experienced wheel builders



Rim height: 44mm

Rim width int./ext.: 19.6mm (clincher) / 25.1mm

Material rim: UD Carbon / high TG resin

Material brake surface: 1,5k Carbon / High TG resin

Weight wheel set (tubular/clincher) rim brake 1,320g / 1,480g (w/o QR, rim tape, tires,..)

Spoke count front wheel / rear wheel: 20 / 24

Spokes front wheel / rear wheel: Sapim CX Ray (front and NDS rear), Sapim CX (DS rear)

Nipples: Sapim Polyax Secure Lock Brass

Hubs: DT Swiss 240s straight pull

Max. rider/system weight: See info page for more details

Max. tire pressure: 9 bar/ 130psi (clincher), tire manufacturer recommendation (tubular)

Available axle configurations: front: 100/5mm, rear: 135/5mm

Available freehub configurations: Shimano/Sram 10/11 speed, Campagnolo 10/11 speed